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a traffic stop turned into achates. good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bange. >> marcella raymond is live at strozier hospital with more. >> reporter: we know the officer will be fine after being shot in the leg. at 5:30, harris ton police made a traffic stop,s. >>> ogden police were monitoring the car and saw the car exit i-55 at damon. they tried to stop it. >> defendant's vehicle struck a police vehicle and came to a rest. at that time, officers intended to remove the defendant from the vehicle, at which time, shots were fired. >> reporter: who did the shoot something not clear because the superintendent would not take any questions from reporters. he did tell us that the three men that were in that car were taken into custody and they were not injured. bob and jackie. >>> thank you marcella. >>> counselors will be on duty at a south side chicago school after a teacher died this weekend in a traffic accident. the 23-year-old was a special education teacher was killed overnight -- police are investigating her death and say it appears she fell trying to slide down a stair
, everyone, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bangeric kirschner. >> dan is live on the city's south side with more. >> bob and jackie, impressive response by the chicago fire department. more than 150 firefighter on the scene. one man, serious to critical condition. two other children were injured in this explosion, but we are told they are in good condition, expected to make a full recovery. joining me, chief from the chicago fire department. tell us what happened here tonight. >> at approximately 7:27 this evening, the we received phone calls from a possible house explosion. 12247 south oneda. fire department responded. full response, but due to the nature of the americansy, they immediately elevated it to a stolen box, what we call the stolen box response, due to a possible gas explosion, right now, it's under investigation and until we can determine what the cause was, it's to be determined because we don't know what caused it. >> was there a fire on the scene? >> the first arriving companies did not report a fire, which is not uncommon. it's potential that the fire blew itself out.
dangerous to consumers and ended up back on the market. good evening, everyone, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bange. >> reporter: they were arrested this week, and shut town and millions of dollars in cash are on the streets. . >> reporter: the two resold stolen goods in a mainly fencing operation. alvarez said the pair brought nearly $26,000 in goods from undercover officers during a four-month investigation with an actual retail value of about $114,000. >> they would remove security tags. identification labels and in some cases, alter expiration dates, which would be repackaged for and sold. >> reporter: both now face theft anticipate money laundering charges. alvarez says schemes like this one are not only hurtful financially to businesses and consumers, they have the potential to be very dangerous. >> shop lifting ring steals products as over-the-counter products and insulin formula and change the expiration date on the products, it can be potentially dangerous to consumers out there. >> reporter: aj has been released on bail. his brother, vj remains behind bars while an issue ov
. while there were protesters outside. good evening, everyone. i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bang. randy belliso has tonight's top story. rahm emanuel says he loves the city, and he wants to lead it. his chicago roots and washington experience, the mayoral hopeful, he says, make him the most qualified candidate. >> only the 200 to help president obama as his chief of staff could have pride me away from chicago. only the 200 to to leave the city could have pride me away from the president's side. >> he launched his campaign today in the north side district as a representative congressman. 250 supporters listened to his speech inside the school gymnasium. in it, he thanked mayor daly for his 22 years of experience, but criticized the culture of corruption inside politics. >> emanuel has spent the last several weeks in what he calls a listening tour, and he promises the listening won't stop if he's elected. >> i'll hold regular town meetings in every part of our city, bringing along department heads to hear from the residents and taxpayers. >> he comes in from washington, thinks he's
cook is facing murder charges. robert jordan is outside the riverdale police station. >> reporter: that's right. he and his can accomplice have been in jail for about four years. nonetheless, they have been building a case slowly against the two suspects and states attorney anita alvarez said today the reason it took so long is because they wanted to be very careful to make sure that this was done effectively and thoroughly so that they can take two bad guys off the streets. >> in court today, we allege that nicholson and accomplice jeremy lloyd planned to carry out this brutal cold blooded murder of officer cook on the evening of september 27, 2006. with the specific intent of stealing the officer's service weapon. >> on behalf of the family of thomas cook, i would like to thank the states attorney, the task force for making sure this day would come for us. and know that we never gave up on them. and we were very thankful that they were able to come no this end for us. thank you. >> reporter: that was pam cook, officer cook's wife. states attorney alvarez was joined by members of the s
. and robert jordan has more on that story. bob? >> reporter: that's right. the conference is called airport's going green and o'hare is leading the pack. the mayor called chicago one of the greenest cities in the world with one of the prettiest airports on the planet. he announced that the faa will fund the design of the new south traffic air traffic control tower at the airport and the emphasis will be on the environment and serving passengers. 800million has been allocated for the project for newer longer runways to accommodate the airport ever the future. officials were eager to showcase some of the new environmentally friendly additions that will be a part of the new airport facility. that will cover the walls of the spaces in the building and keeping those areas filled with oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. the color will add to the terminals and keeping people calm in their hectic surroundings. >> it is inviting here. it will be a vertical guidance system, and it can stay outside and keep green throughout cold winters and inside as well. >> we have 7 million square fee
. robert jordan is live at the chicago botanic garden with more on these high temperatures. i'm sure enjoying your assignment as well. >> i sure am. you know, this has been a wonderful fall that we have been having. i could almost be standing out here in short sleeve shirts. it feels more like california than it does chicago. the weather normally would be in the 40s. but today it's much higher. and while we are feeling like this is a bonus weather that we are experiencing, plants eknow that just around the corner is a winner weather reality check. >> we return so warm that things are starting to grow again. we are just warm enough that they are continuing to flower. >> november 22. three days before thanksgiving. but the weather feels like late september or early october. with 66-degree temperatures forecast for today. leaves have rrd fallen -- already falln from most trees but others are holding on to leaves. as if uninsure of the correct seasons. summer, fall or winter. >> we have seen things that extend into flower that normally are something we read about in books and so to enjoy
. >> and i'm robert jordan. >> reporter: fans didn't seem to care about the controversy leading up to kickoff. they were watching football at wrigley field. an experience, not likely to forget. football at wrigley, especially for the university of illinois, it works. fighting illini taking home the land of lincoln trophy after getting past northwestern, if only for the week. >> this was the best experience i have seen in my life. the best money i have ever spent. >> reporter: football in a baseball park, like no play in the east end zone, due to concerns about the player's safety. it depending on perspective. most fans did not seem to mind. >> the ball disappears on the 20-yard kickoff. all of a sudden, a player emerges and we have no idea where they will go. >> people were watching nationwide. i think it will be a big recruiter thing for our school. >> reporter: and despite the outcome, it looked like the idea was a winning one. >> having northwestern at wrigley was a culmination of everything. i'm happy, i'm coming any way. but i thank northwestern. >> reporter: the friendly confines as it
was the big thing fished out of lake michigan today. >> robert jordan was there as the rare fighter plane made its way to the surface. >> the only f4u-one in the world. >> reporter: slowly it rows from the cold murky water. it lifteded into the air again as it did 67 years ago. that's when its pilot henson karl johnson flew the fighter on an ill training mission off waukegan harbor. >> there were actually hundreds of airplanes in the water from these training exercises. >> reporter: so many planes crashed because the pilots wore green and the conditions on lake michigan were awful. the ship was bucking in the waves. you know how lake michigan is ten miles out. here is this guy landing the airplane on a pitching depth like that. unbelievable. >> reporter: most people don't know lake michigan was a huge training area for pilots during world war ii. >> they were trained to lands on aircraft carriers. this is where they would conduct the initial care icarrier. >> reporter: we're told there are 8 0 more planes all covered in zebra muscle. this one will be in an air force museum. in waukegan, robert
immigrants. wgn's robert jordan is live at the university of illinois at chicago where advocates of the so-called "dream act" are meeting. bob? >> reporter: that's right allison. you know, with congress going back into session this week after the thanksgiving holiday break they -- one of the first items on the agenda will be the dream act and, already, 8 university presidents in illinois have signed a statement in support of the dream act and there is bipartisan support as well. but senator mark kirk has gone on record as opposing the dream act. so at the uic this morning several politicians were lining up to urge him to support it as did some undocumented students who are urging kirk to support the act. >> we ask senator kirk to support this and help people like us make our dream come true. >> reporter: in a crowded room filled with representatives of many immigrant groups speakers urged members of congress to pass the dream act to help millions of young people begin a journey towards citizenship. >> i hope that senator kirk along with others of his party will support the dream act. we ha
2 era plane is seeing the light of day again. >> robert jordan is live at walk har-- walk harbor where salvage crews raised a piece of history. >> reporter: that's right. a piece of world war ii history. and it's a course air. a beautiful plane. they just pulled it out of the water this morning. it was used as a trainer during world war ii to teach pilots how to take off and land on the backs of aircraft carriers. and of course many of the pilots put the planes into the drink. first president bush put a plain down in lake michigan. this was found 33 miles off the coast of waukegan and 250 feet of water and that's where it's been in a cold sandy grave for almost 70 years. >> only f-4u-1 in the world. and it's right here. >> reporter: slowly it rose from the coal murky water of lake michigan. encrusted with zebra muscle and sea weed. it lifted into the air again as it did 67 years ago. that's when its pilot ensign carl johnson flew the f-4u1- fighter -- >> there were hundreds of in the water here from these training exercises. >> so many planes crashed because the pilots were green
with modern ingredients. >>> the city council votes on mayor daley's final budget today. wgn's robert jordan is live at city hall with the latest. >> reporter: hi, allison. you know it's the time of year that politicians hate the most. annual presentation of the budget. and this year chicago is asking for a record breaking $6.4 billion budget and an order to satisfy the needs of the citizens of the city. but in order to do that the mayor is actually dipping into several reserve funds that are irreplaceable. >> we were relying on one time revenue measures here. -- >> by law the chicago city council has to pass a budget that's balanced. no deficit spending. so to do so, mayor daley and the city council are expected to pass a $6.4 billion budget using funds from the leasing of the chicago skyway and money taken from leasing of the parking meters. but critics say draining these accounts is dangerous because they are one time sources of revenue and once they are gone, there is nothing left to fall back on. even so, aldermen are expected to pass the budget. >> fortunately, we have some reserves th
, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bankeric kirschner. >> dan is live at the university of chicago -- >> reporter: the state senator for james meek wrapping up an hour ago. he picked up one rather unusual endorsement and showed up withen a impressive group of kid musicians. a surprising performance by 11- year-old violin prodigy max lewis helped to set the stage for the not so surprising announcement. he was introduced by mckenna and wasted no time firing up the crowd. >> we need a leader who is a unifier and woe can bring people together and will work with blacks and whites and hispanics. >> reporter: he talked about job creation, fighting crime and said if elected, he will focus on education reform. >> every child in america deserves the right to an equal high quality education. >> reporter: also making his candidacy for mayor official, u.s. congressman danny davis. addressing a roomful of supporters, he called himself the grass roots candidate who is most in touch with chicago's diversity. >> i'm prepared to bridge the gap between affluent wealthy communities and those that are
for this sunday night, i'm robert jordan. >> i'm jackie bange. "instant replay" with dan roan is coming up next, have a good night. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits a delicious addition to the family. simply... new from pillsbury.
is extended today, could begin to mark the end of those extensions. from the northwest side, robert jordan, wgn news. >>> and related to that, thank you. here in illinois stimulus program that helped 26,000 people find jobs could expire today. right now the put illinois to work program is operating on state funds and there are about to run out. some people could lose their jobs if more money does not come in. >> we find ourself on the eve of this program and the jobs going away. 26,000 families that will be impacted and 13,000 of those 26,000 live in the city of chicago. >> state funding for the put illinois to work program does not require general assembly approval. senator dick durbin supports federal money for that. >>> have guns, will travel. new carry on rule for hand guns comes amtrak. >> still ahead, our teacher of the month who encourages students to go the extra mile, literally. >>> and later in lunch break, works great on meat, pasta and salads. how to make your own fresh pesto sauce at home. map >>> a woman was kill and three other people were injured wasn't car crashed through
side apartment building. >>> good evening. i'm robert jordan. and we're live from strogger hospital. >> the hodder, one and a half- year-old was taken here. she was in serious to critical condition. her father was taken to the burn unit. her three-year-old brother died at the scene. his name is michael cruze junior. a neighbor's video shows thick smoke coming out of the second, third and forth floors of the building. the window starting popping, and flames started shooting out. and another neighbor said that he saw 34-year-old michael cruz run out of the building with his daughter and collapsed on the lawn. they found little michael in a back bedroom on the second floor. >> we were knocking down the main body of fire and came across a three-year-old child. >> a good little kid and always happy. are five people total that live in this building. they're all related. most were not home when the fire break out at about 4:00. it start in the back of the building. >> my family is trying to cope with it because you know when it rain it's pours. >> reporter: a difficult and painful day for
. >> robert jordan is right. reporting 66% precincts. >> reporter: we were talking to the press secretary and she said we are down by 19,000 votes statewide. i asked her what percent reporting in and she didn't know. she also said that while it is festive here, it's a little fearful because the early numbers or chicago numbers, cook county numbers and that is certainly not his support base. according to the spokesperson, she said that 65% of the city vote alone -- just the city -- they're receiving 23% of the vote and they think that is very good. what we're not hearing from are big support groups like champaign county. another one that's just trickling in is dupage county. they have been very supportive of mark kirk in the past. and joining me right now is somebody who knows dupage county well, that's joe burkett the county attorney. >> i think the trend is looking good for kirk and brady. i think there's a very good likelihood that mark kirk will be the next senator from illinois and bill brady will be the next governor. based on my own experience, i don't know th
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